stARTup Art Fair LA

jane-and-lolaI’ll be participating in the stARTup Art Fair in LA, January 29-31 at the Highland Gardens Hotel in Hollywood, showing with Dana Dekalb.

I’ll be featuring new works from the past year focused on my travels in Southeast Asia. I’ll post some previews here as we get closer to the date. Meanwhile, here’s my artist statement for the exhibition:

My interest in Southeast Asia began twenty years ago on a trip to Bali; having a brother who has lived in the Philippines and Viet Nam since 1994 has enabled me to continue my travels. I see these trips as hunter-gatherer-like expeditions for paint-able images. The commonplace sights depicted in my paintings embody the bittersweet extremes of these beautiful, enigmatic and complicated places: wealth and poverty, pride and desperation, bounty and hunger. My intent is that when they are viewed in the context of our own first-world experience, it brings into sharp focus the fact that in many ways the dichotomies are no different here at home.

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